Kelsey Furlong is a writer, designer, growth & impact strategist, and business advisor. After leaving a(nother) tenured executive position building corporate beauty retail and service businesses, she founded The Growth Angle, which provides professional services to creative service businesses, and started focusing on developing her own talents as an artist.

Kelsey is the producer of the podcasts Nuance & Candor, a series of interviews with reflections on creative living, expression, art, community, business and leadership; HAIRCRAFT, where craft hairdressers tell stories of beauty, business, & human connection, and co-producer of Virtuish, a collaborative storytelling between friends and strangers in pursuit of a deeper understanding of our spiritual, modern-day experience.

A native Ohioan, Kelsey currently lives and works out of her home studio at her best friend's place in El Dorado County, California.

The full body of my essays & articles about my life, my work and how I navigate the world around me

Nuance & Candor Podcast

Reflections on creative living, expression, art, community, business and leadership

Nurturing Nuance

Virtuish Podcast

Stories about modern culture and its foundations in religion and spirituality. We ask questions to keep working to deconstruct what we think we know and find peace after spiritual trauma.


Creative Expressions &Personal Explorations

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